Coral Stone
Architectural Cast Stone Products
Custom Work - This is what we do best......You get
your very own, original, never duplicated
architectural cast stone. But should you already
have a design you prefer, we can recreate it for you.
Columns - We manufacture
non-structural columns in halves to
wrap around structural posts. This
makes our columns lighter in weight
and easier to install.
Balusters - Our baluster system with
rails and newel post will meet your
local building code.
Fireplaces - Our fireplaces are all
custom designed and built to meet your
firebox opening measurement
requirements and then created as a kit
for easy installation.
Range Hoods - We custom build each
Travertine, Coral, or Limestone
Light-Weight Hood to fit your
measurements and your personal taste
and designs
Pavers - We have the ability to
create any paver in any thickness
and pattern for pool decks, patio
decking, walk ways, stepping
stones, driveways.
Stone Veneer Cladding - We have
Beveled Edging, Flat, or Radius Cladding
at any thickness.

Corner Quoins - We have Beveled, Flat
Stacked, and Designed with a 45 Degree
Miter for easy installation.
Stone Window Trim - We will design you
a custom trim package that will give your
custom home that rich look that you desire.
Corbels and Brackets – We
can design and match any
corbel or bracket design with
our CNC system or you can
select decorative detailed
designs from our product
Cast Stone Columns, Cat Stone Entry, Cast Stone Balusters with cast stone corner post
When designing a fireplace for you, the customer, we
understand that this is a focal point in your living area
with many considerations. Weight is an issue in
many cases and a natural stone or limestone
fireplace may require a footer to hold that excessive
weight. We have never needed footer with our light-
weight cast limestone fireplaces. If you want a raised
hearth then we build it in wood with your kit and will
have stone veneer sides.  This comes with left and
right top slabs normally 2” thick. Installation is easy  
and very seldom is there any type of cutting with our
fireplace mantels. I supply you with a cad drawing
and mark all parts like a puzzle for easy assembly.
We have CD's available with pictures of step by step
installation that we can also provide. As necessity
dictates, we will come and do the installation for you.
All out of products come with a color matching grout
and formula to complete your project.
Our customers happily exclaim that they get more
compliments from their  friends on our fireplaces
and stone range hoods than anything else in their
home. I have the love of historical building,
construction, and architecture has given me the
ability to create a design to fit every customer's
dream. The selection of the right fireplace mantel
and range hood is of utmost importance for your
dream home. This is a focal point on the inside.

We have a collection of appliqués that can be
selected and applied directly to our stone for  
decorative accents. This gives you the custom
design that be unlike any other.  We build each unit
by hand so that no two are the same.

Our competitors may be using the same mold and
design for everyone that likes that look. Therefore
there could be thousands of the same items as what
you have. By selecting Coral Stone as your
manufacturer, we can assure you that everything we
manufacture is a one of a kind masterpiece.
Have you seen a paver design that you really like?
Thanks to the computer we can duplicate any
design, color and texture to meet your needs. Our
exterior paver's have structural fiberglass fibers,
polymers and water repellent though out the mix
design for your added protection and  to reduce
Coral Stone   
Goodlettsville, TN