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Paver Texture
Coral Stone
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Shell Stone
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Coral Stone Architectural Custom Cast Stone Color Chart
Light coral texture
Heavy Coral texture
Old World Stone Coat
This is a custom design mix that coral
stone has developed to look like coral
and travertine. This is a old world hard
coat stucco system
As the owner of Coral Stone, I have worked with many of the other competitor’s products. Due to the
manufacturing and distribution of their products, the middle people are making the money not the installers. It
took six months for me to develop our Old World Stone Coat from scratch with my own formula and
additives. We have no plans to patent our product as then we must reveal our formulas and techniques. We
have no plans for bagging or distributing this product as this only increases the cost of the product. Each
batch is made from scratch with our custom mixed formula designed for that application. Everything is
weighed and measured according to the custom formula. This also helps in keeping our costs down. This is a
very versatile system and can be applied to almost any surface to give you the looks of cast stone, cast coral
stone, travertine and marble. And it’s not just a faux finish on the top. Imagine your little drywall room turning
into an old world  wine cellar. It has a hardness required for the durability and longevity.
Color Board 2004