Who is Coral Stone
Coral Stone manufactures our cast stone by using computerized, CNC
(Computer Numerical Control) machines, which provide the ability to create
custom cast stone, architectural stone and limestone profiles. Then
create a custom design for our customers without the high cost of creating
custom molds.

Coral Stone Owner John has over 25 years of specialized construction and mold
making experience.  This works to your advantage since  John works directly with
Builder, Architects and Designer to assist in creating your dream. There
is no additional charge to our customers for consultation because we believe that
relationship and communication are vital in the creation of  your dream home.

Coral Stone manufactures light weight GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete)
heavy weight products to represent cast limestone, coral stone and
. Our mission is to provide cast stone products that look and perform
like natural cut stone at prices lower than other manufacturers. Our proprietary
casting process allows us to create light-weight cast stone in almost any shape or
size for a more cost effective product. This greatly expands the applications of
cast stone and saves in job site installation time and crew size.
Everything you see on this housein the light buff color is custom designed Cast Coral Stone
This is our sumilated Coral Texture in a Custom Cast Stone
Our texture is never duplicated.  Coral Stone has a very natural
look. Our product goes well with all type of travertine, marble, stucco
and brick.
Nice display of a Custom Cast Stone Enterance for there front entry.
Thank you for visiting my web site. My name
is John and now you can put my face with who
your dealing with. I'm the developer and back
bone of Coral Stone
Complete exterior Architectural
Cast Stone package
Complete exterior Architectural
Cast Stone package
Complete exterior Architectural
Cast Stone package
Complete exterior Architectural
Cast Stone packag
What is
Architectural Cast Coral Stone

To the left is a sample of natural
limestone on the exterior of one of our
trimmed with our custom made
architectural cast coral stone with a
light texture.

This was assembled in 4 pcs of radius
and 4 pcs of 90 degree corner pcs for
easy assembly. Each of the cast coral
trim is the thickness of the limestone
profile projecting out from the face.
The limestone was cut up to the cast
coral stone.
Manufacturing and Consulting
Coral Stone   Nashville, TN  Cell 615-587-1259   
Another example of
Architectural Cast
Coral Stone

To the left is
structural post
holding up a support

The columns,
Capitals and Bases
are made in half's to
wrap around the
structural post.

Coral Stone provides
CAD drawing to
follow for easy
assembly of
For whatever your needs are in Architectural Cast Stone we can do it all.

From Exterior / Interior packages to custom light weight stone range hoods and fireplaces.

We are a small company that strives in quality and service you can trust and count on.

I'm here to help you in your design and installations requirements and questions as you move though your

Just contact John / owner at 615-587-1259
I'm happy to assist you as needed