This hood is 4 pcs
and weight is 155 lbs
This hood is designed
With Standard corbels
Wood Crown
These are Called
Decorative Corbels
with blocks
Samples available upon
request contact John
Tiffeny This Hood Has a rubbed faux finish with our color kits. Light weight and custom built stone hood.
This is a light weight stone hood for a 36
This is a stone range hood for a
corner unit 48" cook top
Stone hood with standard Cast stone legs. The top is corated with copper. This is our first stone hood with cooper. So we call this one our copper hood.
Christy Stone hood made to be a light weight 4 pieces plus 4 piece stone crown mold with return ends for easy installation. this hood has Standard corbels 10
Cindy Morrow Stone Hood with legs that have a niche on the inside for spices. This is a corner unit custom designed
These are Custom Design
Stone Range Hoods
. Built to
the customers designs and
Ann Marie Light weight Stone Range Hood with Decorative Corbels. This canopy has wood crown molding matching kitchen.
Jerry Greco Custom designed Hood
All of our Hoods are custom made to fit your measurement. This gives you the ability to mix and match our designs to what you like best. Our light weight stone hoods will be sure to get the attention from your friends when they
see you new beautiful kitchen. Stone hoods have been the hottest trend in kitchen remolding designs. Our custom hoods is your kitchen is much like the fireplace in the great room. They become your focal point in your design.
Tiffeny This Hood Has a rubbed faux
finish from the home owner with our
color kits. Light weight and custom
built stone hood.
Texas Stone Hood. They like things
big in Texas. This is a stone hood
for a 14 ft ceiling
Coral Stone, Limestone,Custom made Travertine
Susan T. Stone Range hood with standard corbels. This Stone hood is 4 pieces plus a Stone Crown molding with return ends for easy install.
This is Jerry Greco Hood. It was
made in 5 pieces. 2 decorative
corbels, 1 large main canopy and
2 baby canopies on each side of
the beam then a dental crown to
match the cabinets
Coral Stone presents our "Hand Crafted" collection of  Light-Weight Custom  Range Hoods. Our Custom
Hoods are made to look and feel like natural stone. The texture is created by hand and in the mold though our
process that no 2 stones look the same. Your Custom Stone Range Hood will become the focal point over your cook
top or grill while weighing less much less than our competitors.
Custom Range Hoods and Fireplaces
This is a stone hood with legs and with
copper top finish on the canopy
Kevin Wilcox 4 pcs light weight Stone Hood with Cast Stone Legs
Our Custom Designed Range Hoods is the focal point In Your New Kitchen
Island Light Weight Stone Range Hood custom build with structural framing included
Stone Crown
This is our Award winner for the year 2011.
One of a kind for a very special customer. It is
everything she dreamed of in her. Design.
Big Texas
Stone hood for a
14 foot ceiling
One of a kind corner fireplace Design
Cast Stone Old World Design
We custom built this for the customers
unusual framing
Custom designed hood
with a 48" cook top as a
corner unit
This has been a very
common design for a
tight space with a 36"
cook top and standard
corbels total is 48" wide
long point
This customer searched for 3 months until
she found me. Everyone said this could not
be done. Everyone she contacted said they
needed support to hold it up. Were more
creative than that. We do what others can't do.
Nice slender design that
has the chimney effect
without the crown molding
on top.
This has been a very
common design for a
cook top and decorative
52" wide long point
Welcome to Coral Stone
Working with Coral Stone you can mix and match as you like. All of our custom stone Range Hoods are
made from scratch and designed to
fit within your measurements. We provide you with a CAD drawing
with all the measurements at no charge. You truly are getting a custom one of a kind Light-Weight Stone
Range Hood when you place your order with
Coral Stone.
These are called
Corbel Legs
This hood is 4 pcs and weight is 135 lbs
legs are 32" Tall Weight 75 lbs ea
This is our first Trapezoid  Hood
for a Corner Cook Top
As you can see all of our Coral Stone Hoods are different. These are truly one of a kind custom stone range hoods. Don't settle for a custom hood that is a catalog item. Thats not custom work as it comes
from a model and mass produced.
Matching stone crown on our
hood and also the brick
These Corbel blocks
and a small inset arch
niche for spices
Faux Copper over our Stone Coat
Kamron Stone Hood for a 48
Custom Stone Hood with Faux Finish
Scroll and lettering is a Stencil applied
Largest hood Built so far. This Hood
has a 60" cook top and a 60" Blower
unit installed. Over all measurement is
a 9 Ft Hood
Very Buitiful kitchen design. Hood comes with scrolls, Lion keystone, tapered decorative corbel legs and
a stone crown to trim at the ceiling
Wolf blower unit for 36" cook top
Nice clean design stone hood with 6"
standard corbels
36" Cook Top with decorative 3"
corbels with block capital on top of
corbels to give move projection
This hood sits over a 48" Cook Top.
Decorative 5" corbels with blocks
Coral Stone Hood with cast tumbled
stone tile to match. Set on a diagonal
pattern. Standard corbels 6" wide and
36" cook top
Custom Stone Range Hood  76" wide
with 10" standard corbels.
Custom Stone Hood for 36" cook top.
Decorative corbels with blocks. Owner
applied faux rubbed finish
What happens when a designer can't
figure out what to do with this beam.
They found Coral Stone and I
designed 3 hoods. The large one fits
under the beam while the 2 small
hoods trim the side of the beam and
provides a open case for the venting
on the left side of the beam. Just
another example of our custom stone
range hoods from Coral Stone
This is a corner unit for the cook top.
Matching stone crown on the brick.
This is a 48" cook top with 8"
decorative corbel legs. Back splash is
built by coral stone tumbled stone tiles
to match. Added a rope molding to
match the radius and set center tile on
Custom stone hood with 36" cook top
and only 46" between cabinets with 3"
decortive corbels with blocks
Skinny hood
Our winner for 2013. We worked very
close with the custom to match what
customer with a very beautiful hood
This is a 36" cook top with 6" wide
standard cast stone legs. Coral Stone
provided the cast stone tumbled tile for
the back splash to match the hood.
The back splash was built by coral
stone on hardy board then shipped as
1 piece completed with medallion and
trim provide by customer
The stone hood is a 48" cook top with
5" decorative corbel on blocks
Custom stone hood for 48" cook top.
This hood has 8"  x 32" standard legs.
The canopy has a faux bronze finish
supplied by customer
This Custom Stone hood fits over a
48" cook top. The canopy is trimmed at
the ceiling with wood crown.
Click here Range Hood Installation
This is a 60" cook top with 6" corbels.
The stone hood is a 48" cook top with
5" decorative corbel on blocks with a
10 ft ceiling
This Custom Stone hood fits over a
48" cook top. It has 8" x 18" standard
corbel. The Hood has been faux finish
to match the cabinets by the designer
and owner
When it's time to ship your hood this is what you
can expect. Coral Stone builds a special plywood
crate to ship your hood.

Inside will include
Your Custom Hood with blower installed
Concrete base color match grout
Color match sanded caulking
Construction adhesive  
Masonry Screws
This is a 48" coop top with out stone
range hood and standard 10" corbels.
Award winner for 2009